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Educators are skilled in both area presentations and class room guidelines. As the internet business proliferates, these teachers whom we look up as molders of excellent experts are adopting the job of More »

Assess The Features And Course Contents Of A Traffic Control Licence Course

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Home School History

Formal school education for all children is a concept that is only about three hundred years old. It was introduced in Germany at the end of the 17th century. Prior to that, More »

Home School Controversy

Home schooling has been around in its present form for nearly 40 years, is gaining in popularity and is legal in all 50 states. But is it still mired in controversy. Sadly, More »

Home School History

Formal school education for all children is a concept that is only about three hundred years old. It was introduced in Germany at the end of the 17th century. Prior to that, all education was given in the home or in informal village groups. Very few children went to a regular school, and those that did were the children of the nobility and the upper classes. In fact, home school history began around with the beginning of mankind. The first cave dweller who taught his children how to hunt was home schooling them. Even today, those children who go to regular schools have also been homed schooled, or else how would they know how to behave in public. The social conditioning that parents give to their children is home schooling.

Education in America, from the time of the first settlers, consisted of learning to do chores in the house or in the fields with perhaps some hunting thrown in. The few parents who could themselves read and write passed on this knowledge to their children as a bonus.

As time passed and America moved from

Home Schooling

It is estimated that over 1.5 million children in the United States are home schooled every year and this number is growing. There are many reasons for this: Dissatisfaction with public school education, religious reasons, ability to customize education to the specific learning style and needs of your child, opportunity to spend quality time with your child. Whatever the reason, it is important to know that every parent has the right to home school their child and it is not as difficult to get started as you might think.

“Home school controversy”

Many parents have turned to home schooling because of dissatisfaction with the education their child was receiving at their local public schools. While many private schools do provide a more nurturing environment, with today’s economy, unfortunately, private school is not an option for many of us. The cost of tuition has skyrocketed in recent years and so, many parents are looking to home schooling as a way to ensure their children receive the best education possible.

Getting started can seem a little daunting. But once you make the plunge and get past

Home Schooling

Why bother home-schooling?

Why bother? Well, if you are thinking it is a bother, you might re-think your decision right there. To educate your child at home is not a bother, but a wonderful, richly rewarding experience that benefits you and your child. So, take the “bother” word from your vocabulary if you really would like that opportunity. Yes, this is your opportunity and your child’s opportunity.

If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, then you have the opportunity to have wonderful learning experiences by home-schooling your child. In most states, home-schooling is legal, a legal option. There are some guidelines and rules and regulations that you need to follow, but after that everything rocks! (In some states, there are a certain amount of days that you have to notify the Board of Education that you intend to home-school your child).

“Getting ready for home schooling”

You cannot simply keep your child from school and decide to home school. You must, almost always notify the School Board or the Board of Education. You can find out the rules and

Online Teacher Act on Home with Effective Telecommunicating Tools

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Educators are skilled in both area presentations and class room guidelines. As the internet business proliferates, these teachers whom we look up as molders of excellent experts are adopting the job of online training as well. Others are doing it full-time, a few on a part-time deal.

As Online Teacher, you will be educating students almost in a comfortable way. Students who need help in learning a certain terminology, fixing difficult university projects or enhance their stage to train and learning are the regular customers to serve.

Other than individuals, there are also companies that seek the services of onlineteachers. Your operating time is based on the provision of your students. If your customer is children below 12, you are most likely to perform delayed in the mid-day, early evenings and weekend. If you are training a different customer, time distinction might be significant that you need to bargain with.

Here are the tools are used for telecommunicating with students.

Chat Program

Using a talk system will give you more one-on-one connections with your college student. You can reply to their questions instantly and

Assess The Features And Course Contents Of A Traffic Control Licence Course

Whether you enroll in an online or an offline traffic control school for your traffic control licence‌ depending on the hours you can afford for such courses, the type, feature and responsibilities of the job will remain the same. Therefore, when you opt for it make sure that you know the things that are taught so that you do not face any legal issues due to traffic violation or lacunas in your job.

traffic control licence

Features to Look for in a School

When you have a proper license for your job as a traffic controller will involve several aspects. It is, therefore, necessary to be wary of those schools that promise you to provide you everything for cheap and pose as a ‘One Stop Traffic Control Training Centre.’

  • A well reputed and reliable school will provide you with the knowledge that will make you a perfect traffic controller, help you to implement traffic control plans, facilitate in preparing work zone traffic management plans and use of proper and advanced devices.
  • The school may or may not be the busiest of all providers, but it must be best-priced and review and feedback

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Home School Controversy

Home schooling has been around in its present form for nearly 40 years, is gaining in popularity and is legal in all 50 states. But is it still mired in controversy. Sadly, the home school controversy stems from both ignorance and the self interest of some groups. Talk to parents who are homeschooling their children and you will hear stories of sarcasm, scrutiny, criticism and even that it carries a social stigma for both the parents and the children. The school system and Parent Teacher Associations who feel that home schooling reflects badly on them, are active in their criticism.

Unfortunately, it is not only schools and PTAs that pass judgment of home schooling. Family, friends and neighbors all chip in with their opinions and since in most cases home schooling is something they have never experienced and have no knowledge of, the advice parents get is nearly always negative. People have become conditioned to associate a school – the buildings, classrooms, labs and gyms – with education. They feel that without the formal physical structure, there can be no educations. They are unable to comprehend that education is a process of transfer and acquiring knowledge and

Secular Home Schooling Information

The majority of parents who opt for home schooling do so because of either their dissatisfaction with the way education is imparted in regular schools, the unpalatable influences a child is subject to or because of their children’s special needs. There are a vast variety of home school programs available for parents to choose from. Most are based on specific religious principles – Christian (and more specifically Catholic), Jewish and other faiths.

But there are a growing number of parents who want to give their children a secular education away from all religious dogma and are looking at the secular home school option. This does not necessarily mean that they do not subscribe to religious beliefs. They may just feel that religion and education are separate issues and that they will educate their children about religion away from the schooling process.

While there are a number of non religious or secular home school programs available, the problem with them is that since they are not bound by any specific religious codes of conduct, the material that comprises the programs may often be controversial and possibly objectionable. Also because of their open approach to education many of

Home School Disadvantages

Home schooling has a growing number of supporters, but it would be unwise to ignore the many home school disadvantages, not just of the children but also for the parents.

Home schooling requires a lot of sacrifice on the part of the parents in physical, financial and emotional and social terms. Parents have to devote time to learning the matter they will be teaching, teach it, organize future schedules, arrange for field trips and other outside activities and then arrange for some social inter action for their children with their peers. That’s a full day job.

Another of the many home school disadvantages is the cost when the expense of all the inputs required for home schooling are weighed against that of sending a child to a public school. Additionally one parent may have given up a lucrative job to stay at home and this loss of income should be treated as an expense, especially for families that were used to a double income.

Home schooling means that parents are constantly with their children and have not time to themselves which can be emotionally demanding and may cause emotional traumas in the family.


Calvert Home School

Many parents decide to embark on home schooling their children without realizing the amount of effort that will be involved. Any parent thinking of starting out on this course should do a great deal of research to understand what they are getting into and be sure of their abilities to handle it. There is a vast variety of home school programs that can be of great help to parents in providing them with curricula for their children’s study, test and work books, resource material and teaching guides all of which help to ensure that the parents’ educational goals for their children are met. One of the most popular secular options is the Calvert home school. It offers a “classroom in a box” curriculum that is suited for most children, challenges them and is easy for the parents to use.

Calvert home school has been in existence for about a hundred years, which attests to both the popularity and the success of the program. What stands out about the program is that it is designed to make learning interesting and fun and not just a task that has to be performed. Because of this, there is less pressure

Home School Advantages

With all the advances in education and teaching methods over the last hundred years, are there really any good reasons why children should not be sent to school but be taught at home? Are there any home school advantages? After all home schooling is as old as mankind – till a few hundred years ago most children never went to school and learned everything they needed from their parent at home. Is there a sound reason why some parents should choose the turn their backs on the modern system of education and stick with something that has been around for thousands of years? The answer is first that parent who choose home school for their children are not turning their backs on modern education, they are simply choosing to impart it in their own way and secondly, that home schooling today has little relation with the informal home education given in the past.

Even the best of teachers are limited by the size of the classes they teach. They have to work to the average requirements of the children and do not have the time to focus on the special needs of each child. Parents understand their

Crunch Creating a British Renaissance in Home Schooling

The credit crunch has affected all industries, and private education is not an exception. In the UK, almost 20 private schools have either already been closed or announced that they will be closing in the next few months. Parents are forced to look for alternatives in these circumstances, leading to the increasing popularity of home schooling by full-time private tutors. Affluent families switching from a closing private school to home schooling by a full time private tutor are realising that the change is more than a solution; it’s an improvement. With more positive mainstream media coverage than ever before, attitudes towards home schooling are changing and the credit crunch seems to be creating a renaissance in home schooling.

Home schooling marks a return to traditional teaching methods

Educating a child in a school setting is a relatively recent phenomenon; compulsory education was introduced as late as the 1880’s. It took a significant period of time for schooling to become recognisable as the formal schooling provided by the state as seen in the twenty-first century.

For the affluent, the history of education has run a different course; wealthy families have traditionally engaged the services of a

Getting Ready For Home Schooling

Home schooling is the method whereby children are educated at home, instead of in a more traditional public or private school setting. Most often, the teacher in a home school situation is the parent of that child.

There are two sides to the home schooling debate. Those who are opposed to home schooling feel that it does not provide the best standardized education or socialization that a child needs to become a healthy and contributing member of society. In addition, they feel that parents who choose to home school their children are “weird” and old fashioned. These people still see home schooling as archaic.

However, parents who home school their own children will tell you differently. First, home school programs are just about as dynamic as you can get, in terms of providing unique and authentic experiences for the child that cater to their individual needs and learning style. Most parents who home school will tell you that it is the biggest reward ever to watch your own child discover new things and develop as an individual, especially knowing that you played a part in facilitating that learning.

If you are deciding whether or not

Socialization and Personal Relations

Whether you are home schooling your child yourself, or in an online school, the question will inevitably come up about their socialization. You may hear this from relatives, friends or acquaintances. You may also have these nagging doubts yourself.

Socialization is a broad term. By this, does one mean that the student will not be exposed to diverse cultures, and nationalities? The implication here is that the home schooled student may not be prepared to cope with democracy in this country.

Dr. Brian Ray of the NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) in 2003 studied the question of civic involvement of adults who had been home schooled. He found that twice as many home schooled adults were involved in civic organizations as public schooled adults. It was also found that 76{b3192873f4c14a432871d082aa79bceb1a93f38e311db2a84060e60194fabbb5} of home schoolers voted in the last 5 years compared to 35{b3192873f4c14a432871d082aa79bceb1a93f38e311db2a84060e60194fabbb5} of those not home schooled.

It seems to me that the larger question is the type of socialization that occurs in public school vs. home school. The development of social skills is mostly dependent on with whom one spends most of his time. In public school, this time is spent with same-age

Is Home Schooling For You?

Think back to a time when you experienced emotional pain or unresolved anger while at school as a youngster. As you look back do you wonder if your parents should have home schooled you? There are many reasons parents home school their children. This article will discuss some of the reasons children are home schooled.

Parents who teach their children at home tend to fall into two main categories:

  1. Those who prefer to home school their children.
    2. Those who want an alternative to the existing school system.

Those who prefer to home school their children.

o Some parents prefer to home school their kids to provide their children with a
different style of education.
o Other parents after having been involved with their children’s education at preschool find they have the confidence to continue with the educating of their children at home.
o Some parents’ alternative values believe their child’s learning and development would be better supported through home schooling.

Those who want an alternative to the existing school system.

Parents in this category will educate their children at home for a number of reasons.

o Children may have

The Case For Home Schooling

There is always a case for home schooling and parents choose to home educate their children for a broad range of reasons. For every case there are voices of opposition and doubt. This article is one of a series addressing a range of the notions raised by these voices – the concern over parental resourcefulness.

In the Adelaide newspaper, The Advertiser (Australia), there was recently an article entitled ‘In a Class of Their Own’ which reported on the increase in home schooling numbers in the last year. The article also had the comment made by a teacher, with 35 years experience, who chose to remain unnamed, that it would be impossible for a parent to provide the level of education needed to properly educate a student.

She stated, “Some parents might be able to cope with the lower grades of junior primary subjects, but you would start to need a degree of specialisation to give them the best information for the variety of subjects.” Continuing she said, “In secondary school it would be impossible to be an expert at all subjects – from German to English – and I believe these parents are depriving children of

Duel Credits at HS Accredited Home School University

If you are a high school student in Indiana who is attending an accredited home school, some of your courses may be used towards college credits. If you don’t already know it, your state has one of the most liberal and progressive ways to earn an education. In Indiana, there are virtually no requirements that a home school or home school teacher must meet. The only provision is that the home school curriculum is taught in English (Ind. Code Ann. § 20-33-2-4(2)). According to Indiana state law, children between the ages of 7 through 18 are required to regularly partake in some sort of academic instruction. Students are expected to attend 180 days of school per year until satisfactory completion.

There are two types of educational venues that a homeschooler may attend in Indiana. The first is a non-accredited home school, for which the state has no legal authority to interfere with the curriculum or the content of the home school, unless the program or instructors are otherwise proven negligent in their duties, e.g. child are not instructed on a regular basis. Basically, the home school must uphold standards that are equal or greater to the local

Home Schooling Advantages

Over the years many parents have become disillusioned with the traditional schooling methods and thought more about the possibilities of home schooling. I would go as far as saying that home schooling has never been more popular than it is today. This is mainly down to the parents concerns of the falling educational standards and the increase in violence at many of these traditional schools.

Home schooling however used to be shunned as many people thought that home schooled children were anti social and did not want to interact with other children.

This is because children that were home schooled did not have the same sort of outlook on the world and were not as experienced in the ways of the world. This meant that when they finally came out of the comfort of their own homes they got a bit of a culture shock.

There is however certain advantages that can be taken from home schooling. If you have a child who struggles or has a weakness in a subject then you can spend as much time as you can with them to help them in the subject. Unfortunately at traditional schools pupils are

Home School Teacher and What It’s Like

When it comes to home schooling, your role as the teacher is of utmost importance. You naturally are a good teacher for your kids so adapting to this role as home school teacher should be a natural gravitation. Your job is to educate your child on the subjects that they need to learn, all while being there as a parent to help and support your kids.

To keep your child stimulated in the activities of home schooling, you should teach your child in a way that interests him. This is where your role as parent comes in as you should know your child’s likes and dislikes. Your patience with your child will have to be at a high level especially if they’re at a young age, as you will have to give them time to learn and adapt to the materials taught to them.

If you ever feel like your teaching skills as a parent aren’t up to par, then you should know that there are a ton of helpful home schooling resources readily available to you. You should use these home schooling guides to improve your skills as a teacher all while educating your child

The Pros And Cons Of Home Schooling

All children need a good education as they are growing up. This is just a known fact. What isn’t so set in concrete however, is how you want to provide that important education. Would you rather have your child attend a public school? Or what about a school that is privately run? Or perhaps you may even think that home schooling children is the answer you are looking for.

While many children actually enjoy all that a public school offers, such as an active environment and lots of peer pressure, other children would not benefit as much from it. And then there are the children, for reasons only known by the parents, who are put into private schools. But even then, some children do not accomplish their best in that environment either. So the alternative for educating your children, may be home schooling them. A parent always wants what is best for his child so the reasons may vary why the decision is made to home school. Along with great benefits, are also a few disadvantages.

Home Schooling Children Can Put An End To Bullying And Teasing

Some parents will home school their child because

Catholic Home School Program?

If you would like to complete an appropriate Catholic home school program, it is very important to consider all pros and cons of the offered programs. However, you may be sure that there is a great variety of Catholic home school programs for you to choose from. No matter what program an individual is going to choose, he or she will be required to spend much time and effort in order not only to find the appropriate one but also to study on a good level. With the help of homeschool programs a student is able to obtain different degrees of responsibility and guidance for homeschool parents. Most of homeschool programs suggest a great sense of security, especially for new homeschoolers and those homeschooling highschoolers. When looking for the right decidion concerning which program to choose or whether not to choose it, pay special attention to your children’s learning styles, your academic abilities, state law. It is also important to consider college admissions requirements while making this serious decision.

So, as it was already mentioned, there is a wide variety of Catholic home school programs for you to consider. Nevertheless, only some of them are really worth